Picture of the band Sourmash performed in and around Bristol and at discerning festivals. Common throughout was a shared approach to music composition and performance of Graham and Andy. On stage, Graham plays guitar, and Andy tends to wave his arms around a lot.

Once the band got back together after a short break to get some more beers in, with the lovely Lucy singing, there was much strutting of funky stuff, and plenty of that all-important arm-waving. This page contains songs from those much-loved days.

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Track Description Play Download
Hold On How does she do it? Latest 4-4 stomper from LL Lucy and the gang. Play Download
Graces Recent funkygroovy house tune. Most excellent vocals and funky guitar. Play Download
Graces remixed Remix of the above Play Download
By the way Early out-take from rehearsal, capturing the mood of this slinky tune. Jamming. Trying out lyrics and guitar ideas. Play Download
Tell me One of our favourites, although no guitar on this demo (yet). Play Download
Tonight Another first out-take from rehearsal. Jamming. Trying out lyrics and guitar ideas. Worth sticking with it till about six minutes in for some seriously jazzy guitar. Play Download
Mixed up girl Stripped down mix. Super loud, doubled up vocals. Lucy's voice sounds amazing this loud and punchy. Play Download
Follow mix 4-4 dubby remix of of a funky favourite. Now where's that guitarist gone again...? Play Download