Early Sourmash

Here are some demo tapes that survived from back in the days...

In the early years, Graham, Andy and Tracey (Onallee) were backed by a variety of sax players, rappers and backing singers; all of whom largely performed, composed and arranged with lavish autonomy.

Track Description Play Download
Deeper Down Sue and Lisa sang this one at various times. This one's Sue with Onallee backing. Play Download
DNA An early version of a perennial song that took many forms over the years. Onallee singing. Play Download

After a few years, the band settled down to it's most prolific line-up, with Mandy co-singing with Onallee, D-Rock rapping, Adrian playing sax, and Laurie on drums.

Track Description Play Download
Superbad Onallee's vocal arrangement on a fair funky tune. Play Download
Personal A late-night, studio rehersal of a song we used to do live. Just Onallee (who wrote the song) and backing track. Andy hones his engineering skills by remembering to press record! Play Download
Devotion Mandy's lead vocals - composed, arranged, sang. Play Download

A brief incarnation when Amanda composed entirely new vocal arrangements over the existing Sourmash set, and Lucy made her first appearance at the tender age of sixteen, as backing singer.

Track Description Play Download
Clever Disguise This is one of the original compositions from this period, with Graham cleverly disguising himself as the Isley Brothers! Play Download

G+A wrote an entirely new set based around the vocal compositions and arrangements of Jokate Benson. With Crispin now on drums, Sourmash became a four-piece, although Jokate managed to fill the stage just fine.

Track Description Play Download
Dreamland An extended version of the closest thing Sourmash ever got to producing a pop record Play Download
People Fly A late-night, studio rehersal with just Jokate and backing track. Another foresightful pressing of the record button! Play Download
Pity the Souls Soulful Jo Play Download

After Jokate left, G+A wrote yet another set, with the lovely Bryony on vocals.

Track Description Play Download
Running Away Slow, moody, funky Play Download
Up and Leave ...and so they up and left. Play Download