MPC 2500 Here's some musical sketches - mostly work in progress - some of which has been written on the musical scratch-pad that is the MPC 2500 (pictured here). Loads of hip hop tracks start life on an MPC, so if it's good enough for Jay-Z, it's good enough for Mister Orange!

The MPC 2500 is a wonderful tool for throwing ideas down. No need to turn on the whole studio - just turn it on, plug in some headphones and play (taking the occasional break for a satisfying read of the manual!)

First takes and current ideas

Normally, I try to press record and leave it running to get the idea down. Some of these are long, uncut, first takes.

Track Description Play Download
Riser Definitely a housey groove. Whatever happened to my idea to do lots of dub-house? Anyway, this is my favourite at the mo. Play Download
Thirsty Long version of dubby tune called Thirsty. (Must have needed a beer or something.) Trying to capture that housey-dubby style I've been going on about for ages. Play Download
New Year Long version of a trancey tune called New Year. So called cos it was kinda late on New Years day after all the parties had chucked out, but the fun hadn't quite worn off. Fantastic time recording piano (and err... synth guitar) solos. It's evenings like this that make making music in a studio the most fun one can have by oneself. Play Download
Bunny Finally finished off this tune started with Laura last year. Play Download
Um Dub Dub having a day off. WTF is this? Play Download
Voon Anyway. F*** that other shit. Check this out. (Techno) Play Download
Chazoot Current favourite. Arpeggio heaven. Play Download
Chazoot break Here's the homemade percussion break from Chazoot. Resisted the temptation to drop the tune down to the break, but liked it anyway... so here it is. Notice the birthday bongo. Play Download
Fook Out Not a lot of music, but around twenty five variations on a breakbeat keep it rolling along. Play Download
Lazy This has been knocking around since last year. Didn't realise I'd recorded this (rough) version, so here it is. Suggestions? Play Download
Bline Another one I found from last year. This is sort of dubby in a slightly weird way. I quite like it though. Play Download

MPC sketches

This lot were recorded in the space of a few days.
Track Description Play Download
JP1 Funky, rare groove thang Play Download
JP2 Sort of house, bit bungalow-like Play Download
JP3 Broken beat? Play Download
JP4 Slithery drum and bass Play Download
JP5 More drum and bass - although mostly just nicked loops glued together, so can't take much credit for this one. Play Download


Jamming at Graham's with Ableton, MPC2500, keyboard and guitar.
Track Description Play Download
GX1 Variation on that broken beat thing above, with guitar on top Play Download
GX2 Variation on one of the drum and bass things, with guitar and keys on top Play Download

The band: Graham, Lucy and Mr Orange

Rough mixes and mad remixes from 2010, when we were writing our new set. 8 track recording, rehearsals and studio mixes. More here.
Track Description Play Download
Graces long Longer, earlier version of the main mix Play Download
Tell me 1 Rough mono mix. Dry vocals on backing track. No guitar Play Download
Mixed up girl 1 Completely stripped down mix. Super loud, doubled up vocals. Lucy's voice sounds amazing this loud and punchy. Play Download
Tell me what you want Simple demo mix. Vocals on backing track. No guitar yet. Play Download
Follow mix 4/4 mix of Follow Me Play Download
By the way First out-take from rehearsal. Jamming. Trying out lyrics and guitar ideas. Play Download
Tonight Another first out-take from rehearsal. Jamming. Trying out lyrics and guitar ideas. Worth sticking with it till about six minutes in for some seriously jazzy guitar. Play Download

Bongo Chris

One night, Chris turned up with his bongos. Luckily, someone managed to press record!
Track Play Download
Chris 1 Play Download
Chris 2 Play Download
Chris 3a Play Download
Chris 3b Play Download
Chris 3c Play Download
Chris 4a Play Download
Chris 4b Play Download
Chris Funk Play Download