Recent stuff

Some point recently represented a change in direction. Can't remember exactly when, or what, constitutes 'recent' but I'm sure it was momentous. Probably got a new sampler or something...

These are some of the tunes I've ended up still liking

Track Description Play Download
Fan My Flame 3 Four on the floor remix version of Fan My Flame, with sampled Sally vocals Play Download
Apres G After Graham’s one night… must have been inspired by something Play Download
Arp Marimba The marimba was made for randomly arpeggiating Play Download
DB Fest 1+2 Drum and bass with version Play Download
Durty Dirty erm... techno? Play Download
Gregorian More techno? Greg inspired. Play Download
Hiphouse 1 Dubstep bassline? Dumpy house groove. Play Download
Hiphouse Dub Evolution of Hiphouse 1 Play Download
KC Dunno how to describe this one. If you like KC, you'll probably recognize some influences here Play Download
Mosquito Rough, jazzy, band-pass-filtering of mosquito nets Play Download
Oh Baby Sounds a bit like Kevin Yost... at least I like to think so! Play Download
OS2 Jazzy hip hop sans rap Play Download
Perfect 4 New jaques jazz... or something Play Download
Power On Chilled groove from late night experimentings Play Download
Rhodes Xtravaganza Funky chilly-jilly rhodes thing Play Download
Rhoquest no beat No beat version of Rhoquest, with extraordinarily realistic synth-guitar. Play Download
Safari Hip-hoppy groove with Stanley Crouch talkin' about his audio safari Play Download
Scrubber Audio scrubbing D+B sub-genre. Play Download
Skizza Bukem-esque D+B Play Download
Slo Down Inst Chilled, groove. Instrumental version (no vox samples) of Slo Down Play Download
Sunday Tune A tune I did one, err... Sunday! Play Download
Whappen Wha'appen indeed? Play Download