Atari Days

Screenshot of Notator SL (Ah, they don't make software like that anymore!)

Mister Orange used to perform live, with Onallee and Mandy singing. Some of those tracks were written with Paul Clarke. Some of those tracks are here.

Mostly though, then, as now, the studio is the instrument.

Track Description Play Download
Blow your mind (deep mix) John Peel played this once, which represents the highest achievement I have ever aspired to. This probably demonstrates a startling lack of ambition, as John once described himself. Not sure if an endorsement from JP indicates creative genius, or a complete racket. Paul and Andy tune. Play Download
Change Lovely Mandy song that always sat more comfortably in the studio than played live. Graham's guitar on this one. Play Download
Funky 4/4 funky house. Mandy singing. Play Download
Together D+B idea that got recorded live in the studio onto cassette. Glad it survived. Play Download
Check mix Deeper mix of a tune that Onalee sang. Sounds pretty minimal. Play Download
Niggle Paul and Andy tune that finally got a rework before the Atari blew up. Play Download
Get so excited All night session with Rob, reworking a Sourmash tune, turned it into an epic musical journey by sunrise. Play Download
Blow your mind (juicy mix) This was the A side. Epic and anthemic. Co-written with Paul and Mandy. Play Download
John Peel Did I ever mention that John Peel played my record? Here's the proof. Play Download