Borne out of a passion for twiddling knobs and watching LEDs glow in the dark, Mister Orange makes music with sequencers, samplers, synths, an assortment of somewhat questionable computers, and occasionally, other musicians.

This page contains some favourites. Check out the links on the left for more.

Brian Eno once said, "You can't imagine a situation prior to this where anyone like me could have been a composer. It couldn't have happened. How could I do it without tape and without technology?" Well, quite!



Track Description Play Download
Fan My Flame 1 It has been a privilege to remix this track by the wonderful Ms Sally Larkin. Here's a Drum and Bass version. Play Download
Fan My Flame 2 ... and here's a schlomo version, with Graham on guitar Play Download
Riser Definitely a housey groove. Definitely my favourite at the mo. Play Download
Thirsty Dubby, housey groove. Shorter than the scratchpad version. Play Download
New Year Recorded on, well... New Year funnily enough. Best time in the studio for ages. Similar to the scratchpad version, without guitar solo. Play Download
Aim Higher Recent(ish) trackÖ luckily itís a favourite. Funky, minimalistic groove. Play Download
Minimal Evolution of above. Minimal house groove with organ. Play Download
Dorfy Dub Dubby ditty with more than a passing reference to RD Play Download
Creation Mandy singing one of the better Mister Orange vocal tracks that we never performed. Play Download
Rhoquest Sometimes I like to play the piano, especially an electric one Play Download
Ooh Jazz Jazzy, vibraphone, horn, extravaganza Play Download
Retorter One of my favourite D+B grooves. Goes around and around... Play Download
Slo Down Chilled groove. Hours spent listening to this one go round.
Ice-T vox samples.
Play Download
Wobble Along Rhodes and vibraphone wobbling along with a funky beat. Play Download
Dub 99 Slow, evolving, dubby instrumental. One of the surviving Paul and Andy grooves. Play Download

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